moissaniteWhat is Moissanite?

Moissanite is more brilliant and sparkly than a diamond with similar clarity, color, and cut. In addition, moissanite has the so-called “double refraction” property.

Moissanite has more “fire”.

The so-called “fire” effect is another name for dispersion, which refers to how a stone breaks down light into spectral colors. When light enters moissanite, the fire produced is more intense than that in diamond.

So, if you hold a moissanite in front of your eye against a source of light, the flashes you will see should be bigger and more colorful than those you would observe in a diamond.

Moissanite weighs less than diamond.

Moissanite has lower density and specific gravity compared with pure diamond.

What this means is that if you compare the weight of a moissanite and diamond of the same size, the moissanite will be lighter.

Moissanite is much cheaper than diamond.

Moissanite costs a fraction of the price asked for a real diamond. For example, a moissanite can sell at 10-15% of the price of a diamond with similar clarity, color, cut, and size.

owever, while a low price tag can indicate that the stone is not a diamond, do not assume that you are being offered the real thing just because it is expensive – there are sellers that would be happy to offer you a fake stone at the price of a genuine diamond.

Moissanite has higher clarity than diamond, on average.

Most of the moissanite sold these days is created in a lab under controlled conditions that minimize internal flaws, and that’s why this stone usually has higher clarity than most diamonds.

While having few inclusions doesn’t necessarily mean that a stone is moissanite, if its price is unusually low to boot, this can at least be a signal that you are not looking at a real diamond.

The best way to identify Moissanite

The best way to tell whether a stone is a diamond or moissanite is to use a diamond tester or a moissanite tester.

Diamond testers detect whether a stone is a real diamond by analyzing how the material conducts heat or electricity.