‘Health and fitness can be confusing’. To shed those unwanted pounds there is always the latest diet or exercise routine that will give you a flat stomach in just a week.

Maybe you have already tried these quick fix solutions without much long-term success.

What is really needed is the personalised alternative!

At Coastal Fitness we tailor both exercise and nutrition programmes to match your personal goals. As we work together your fitness levels will change, so we will amend your exercise routine to maintain motivation and progression.

What does Personal Training Offer?….

  • The most efficient way to achieve your personal goals.
  • You are less likely to miss a booked session, especially if you lack motivation.
  • Make a real difference to your exercise sessions by making each one count.
  • Training¬† with someone else makes the sessions more enjoyable.
  • Constant encouragement and support.
  • Correct exercise pace and technique mean you can achieve results quicker.

Personal training should not be seen as a life long commitment, we are very keen to motivate and educate clients so they no longer need to see me on a regular basis. The relationship initially will need greater contact but over time we hope you will need less contact time as clients learn to exercise in an effective manner and eat healthy.