is served from 8.00 o'clock until 10.00 o'clock in our country kitchen.
fresh juice, coffee, tea or chocolate milk.......
Croissants & danish, baguette, cereals, homemade jams & chocolate spread.
cheese, butter and everyday something special, like waffles , french toasts.
If you have any requests or special dietary needs, let us know and we'll provide.



Starts at 19.30 o'clock with aperitif and finger foods.
Starter, entree, cheese and dessert, all homemade are served in our country kitchen or in the garden. Included is wine, water and coffee or tea.
We serve supper inspired on fresh seasonal produce, prepared with a little twist.
For this menu we charge € 35.00 p.p. for resident guests and € 45,00 for non resident guests.