Why Mature Education?
We are one of the few agencies that specialise in the Education Sector, with staff that have worked in the sector and keep up to date with current issues.Maturity is not a euphemism for age, it is a reflection of the confidence built up through familiarity with the demands of an environment. Dictionary definitions include the following:

  • Having reached a desired or final condition
  • Worked out fully by the mind; considered: a mature plan of action
  • Having reached maximum development of form

Whilst not ignoring continued development in the spirit of life-long learning, we believe the above sum up the assuredness of purpose that our candidates will bring to assignments within the sector – you will make the difference!

We understand the sorts of roles you have held, whether in Further Education, Academies, Maintained Schools, Universities or an Independent School – we understand the value that your experience will bring to our clients. We will keep in touch using the latest cloud-based technology alerting you to opportunities as soon as they become available.

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