Saving money through better Procurement
Saving money on buying goods and services has long been a priority for schools and colleges in order to direct limited funds to front-line staffing needs. Our staff and Associate Consultants offer experience and specialist sector expertise for procurements in the following areas:

  • MIS/Finance/HR systems;
  • Cleaning contracts;
  • Catering services;
  • Grounds Maintenance;
  • Full Facilities Management;
  • and many more…

Compliance with EU Procurement rules
Many major procurements must comply with EU Procurement rules which can be opaque and daunting if you are not used to them. Our consultants are well-versed in the various processes for letting tenders, including working with Framework Agreements from Crescent Purchasing and others that are tailored for the education sector.

Getting what you want
A vital part of a successful procurement is in clearly defining what goods or service you are seeking. We have significant experience in tailoring standard/ template specifications to meet your need, or developing them from scratch.

Identify where the savings lie
A Spend Review and high level benchmarking will identify the priority areas (e.g. cleaning, telecoms, stationery) at which to target procurement activity.

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