Tips for an Effective CV

Tips for an Effective CV
The mantra is: the CV gets you the Interview; the Interview gets you the Job

The received wisdom is: the average CV gets no more than 20 seconds before acceptance/ rejection (longer than it sounds, but still short).

CV reviewers are not interested in what your responsibilities are/were – they want to know what you achieved within them – how you Made the Difference.

So here are the Dos and Don’ts according to Mature Education:

Don’t fill with verbiage about your life story;
Do keep it short (2 A4 pages ideal, 3 pages at most);
Do highlight key qualities;
Do be clear on achievements – tell them the difference you made;
Don’t put in lots of detail for jobs long past – recent experience is key;
Do be clear on dates, this is a Safeguarding requirement so explain any apparent gaps;
Don’t include references – wait until asked and select the most suitable;
Leave out date of birth, marital status, photographs and children’s life stories;
Leave in details of right to work in the UK and list of relevant qualifications.